Here at the JS Real Estate office, we’re always keeping close tabs on the condition of the many rental properties we administer in the Phoenix metro area.

Keeping our rentals in prime shape is one of our most elemental duties as a property-management company—that should go without saying.

iStock_000003642506Small copyTo make sure we’re attending to upkeep and repairs as conscientiously as we can, we utilize licensed and insured vendors and contractors based in the region whom we’ve carefully vetted.

It’s quick and uncomplicated for a tenant of ours to let us know about a service need, whether it’s over the phone or through our efficient online system. A JS Real Estate representative will leap into action to address the issue and muster the necessary resources for a prompt response.

Our properties are dear to us, just like our clients. Property owners and residents both can plainly see the diligence with which we care for our rentals.